Subject: Vienna to Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Hi Richard, I cannot help you regarding accomodations in Slovenia, but ... When I was living in Vienna, Slovenia was also responsability of the Spanish Commercial Office. My friends had to go at least a couple of times every month to Ljubljana (in German, Laibach). It used to take them around 6, 7 hours. So, I guess it can be done.

Here you have the URL for the Austrian Railways. I hope it helps you.

Mostly all of the trains involved a change or two. I think that the most interesting is the one leaving Wien Sdbahnhof at 14:58, arriving into Villach at 19:37, and getting another train at 19:56, arriving into Ljubljana at 21:43.

Of course, you could always stop at Graz, a lovely city, and from there continue the travel another day

Rgds, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)