Subject: The value of travel planning
Hi Ziners,

A travel journalist we know is planning an article on how the travel experience is so much more than picking hotels and finding the cheapest flights - how proper planning can mean the difference between just a trip and a unique, personal experience. We think that this is a great topic for discussion.

What we have in common is our love and interest in travel. Each of us has a different level of experience and/or approach and it might be a valuable exercise if we explore this topic, especially for the benefit of new Ziners and for members who are thinking about their first non-tour trip. Here are a few thoughts to get us started:

- Time and money are precious and to waste either due to poor planning can be a disaster.

- Time spent planning gets you involved to the point where it becomes an add-on to the trip.

- The biggest challenge facing travelers is choosing a destination and designing a proper itinerary.

- We feel that in planning travel we have enriched our lives.

Ziners, we're looking forward to a thoughtful discussion on the value of travel planning.

Best regards, Don and Linda