Subject: Re: The value of travel planning
Dear Don &Linda and other members:

As a television producer, it's in my nature to over-prepare for every contingency and possibility. I've found that planning a trip down to it's smallest detail eliminates many of the unwanted interruptions and disappointments. In other words, it minimizes the bad parts of a trip.

Having said that, I must also admit that the greatest joys I have ever experienced have been moments of serendipity: People, events and encounters that just happened out of the blue, and were totally unplanned. It is these unexpected moments that I remember with the greatest fondness and deepest detail. In other words, unplanned events are the best of a trip.

Perhaps the best of travel planning is to structure and prepare well enough for a trip that you can have the flexibility of taking advantage of the unexpected. Eliminate as many of the possibilities that will take unwanted time away from your enjoyment of the trip (health, legal and mechanical issues) so that you don't loose hours and days dealing with those problem, so that you have the time to enjoy serendipity when it occurs. Serendipity ALWAYS happens when you travel, be ready for it.

Roy, Wanda and Dena Faires San Rafael, California