Subject: Salamanca
I read and thoroughly enjoyed Covadonga 's week end in Salamanca.

We were there recently and we thought it was an outstanding destination,like a whole city taken of a dream. I had the feeling of being in one of the safest places on earth.

I am not good for travelogues but I wish to tell just an anecdote of our recent visit (Last April to Salamanca.) which in my opinion depicts the unique character of Spaniards.

After we bought the tickets to visit the University of Salamanca and got in, the first thing we saw was a Spanish Professor giving a welcoming tour to some ten foreign visiting students, so we ask him permission to tag along, he kindly obliged thus we were able to visit the University under his fascinating guidance and to get inside the famous Library of the University of Salamanca.

This was a great privilege since Visitors are not allowed in except by special permission in order to avoid changes of temperature and humidity that might damage the valuable manuscripts , maps etc kept in the Library.

While our small group was getting in , six other persons tried to get in too. This prompt the officer showing the Library to our small group to stop them at the door telling them: It is not allowed to visited the library bla.bla.bla... you can see it through this glass wall but it is not possible to visit it....

Then out of the blue moon , he changed his tone, and asked them: How many are you? Six? ...and then he went, Ok. get in.

This was indeed our lucky day.! ( and six other guys too) Manuscripts, incunables,.... were display for our personal inspection, including different kind of censure methods used by the Inquisicion,some times they torn the whole page, sometimes they put some black ink on top , some times they cut out the words they didn' t like...

I thought that the attitude of the official was so uniquely Spanish !!!!!! like following the rules but also being fiercily independent...

---Regarding Hotels, we stayed in a very nice hotel called Hotel Regente,4*, very good service, excellent breakfast, very nice building. It was located some 6 or 7 blocks from the Plaza Mayor so I guess Cova 's choice might have been better.

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