Subject: Mauritius Accommodation
Hi Ziners,

Last year we spent 2 wonderful weeks on the island of Mauritius. We chose to stay one week on the Northwest coast, close to the capital of Port Louis, and another week down on the south coast. Driving was a breeze, the people and the country side were beautiful. We are planning to return early 2002, and even tho I have access to plenty of information on accommodation, I was curious as to whether anyone would recommend anywhere on the west coast, either north or south. We are looking for a smaller resort style of hotel, must be on the beach. The Hotel, Les Pavillons, on the Le Morne Penninsula, down south (where we stayed last year), I would recommend anytime. Our rooms were 30 seconds to the waters edge, all rooms facing spectacular sunsets each night which we enjoyed with a bottle of Australian wine purchased from a little local supermarket. We would happily return to this hotel except for the fact that we like to try different places. Any recommendations?

Michelle Stewart