Subject: Re: Re: London-Paris-lunch-London
Hi Dan,

We took the Chunnel Train Eurostar first class last summer, leaving Waterloo Station in London at 7am and arriving at the Gard du Nord station in Paris at 11am local time. The rates for a day trip are reasonable: 50Pounds for coach and 90Pounds for first class round trip, same-day. To get those rates, we booked directly with the Eurostar office at Waterloo. Enjoyed the first class ride - lots of food, wine, cheese, and bread, and a very comfortable fast ride. There are many return options throughout the day; we left Paris at 6pm, arriving back in London sometime around 9pm. Once in Paris, take the Metro. A metro station connects at the Gard du Nord train station. Easy trip to Tour Eiffel on the metro line headed toward La Defense...get off at the Trocadero stop for easy 2 minute walk to Eiffel Tower.

The Eurostar means you are slave to a schedule, but it gives you at least 5 hours in the city with very little hassle and fairly cheap. We returned to both London and Paris this summer during our 3 week swing through Western Europe. We love both cities! Enjoy your day trip!

Sheila Owen (very new to the list and really enjoying the information!)