Subject: Re: Barcelona in October
Hi Tom,

We met at the GTG in Watertown. I was in Barcelona for 3 nights and stayed at the Hotel Colon on Avenida Catedral and enjoyed it very much. We had a great concierge who recommended some wonderful restaurants that I'd like to share:

At the top of the list was La Dama on Avenida Diagonal 423. It was in a fabulous house designed by a student of Gaudi. The food was superb and the surroundings were lovely. Beautiful chandeliers and very attentive service. I'd definitely eat there again. A meal for 2 was $100 with wine. A mixture of tourists and locals.

Next was a restaurant called Koxkera at Marques de Sentmenat 67-69. This was a more casual restaurant but the food was also wonderful. I had a warm goat cheese appetizer with mesclun salad, followed by the most delicious lobster paella. Unfortunately, there was no room for any of the delicious looking desserts on the cart. This one was approximately $80 for two with wine. Only local families, but clearly well dressed and well heeled clientele.

Third was a restaurant where we had a delicious lunch, La Balagne. No tourists, just Barcelonans (if that's what they're called). Elegant surroundings with delicious food and excellent service.

Fourth for dinner was a restaurant called Orotava. A formal restaurant with delicious food. The only objection that I had was that we seemed to be all Americans in the room. I suspect that locals were directed to another room on the first floor and tourists to the room downstairs purposely. Regardless, the food was fabulous and cost approximately $100 with wine for two.

We didn't have very good weather so our sightseeing was limited. Barcelona, though, is a very elegant, sophisticated city. Your friends will love it.

Best regards, Joanne