Subject: Liguria
Peter, my suggestion is: when in Liguri region, ask to the tourist info office for festivals (sagre) in one of the inland towns. Inland towns are almost not touristy towns so you can enjoy food and a real genuine festival.

>Does anyone have any suggestions in the area around Savonna (most places
>that I could find seemed to require bookings of at least 3 days and we only
>want to stay a night or two)

If I was you, I'd try to contact them anyway. Moreover, if you are going there off season (I mean after middle September) or during week days, it should be easier get a room just for 1 night.

Peter, have a look of the following Italian sites about b$b and agriturismo:

Agriturismo: (click on language)


Agriturismo style accommodation is always a valuable choice. Enjoy your trip, Marco in Milan - Italy