Subject: Sound of Music - Hotels in Vienna

Re the Sound of Music Tour - I did it 4 years ago as an optional tour while on a Trafalgar Tour of Germany and Austria. Our tour bus was used for the Sound of Music Tour. Unfortunately for us, that particular day it poured cats and dogs but we still had an enjoyable tour visiting the various sites where the movie had been shot and everyone got into the spirit of things and were singing away. It was fun.

Also if you have an opportunity to take the tour up to the Eagle's Nest - sign up for it. That tour starts in Salzburg. The day we did this tour the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the view from up there is superb. It's quite a trip getting up there as you go in special buses and the road is very narrow. However, as I said, the view is superb so, if you do manage to take this trip (depends on the weather of course) take lots of film with you.

On another note - Ziners have recently been mentioning hotels in Vienna - at one time someone had mentioned the Fuerstenhof hotel. I'll be giving that hotel a try on my next visit to Vienna which will be at the end of September/early October. It's right across the road from the Westbahnhof where the airport bus drops you off so that's perfect. Also, it's about a 20 minute dawdle to the Ringstrasse - I've always popped into the various stores on Mariahilfer Strasse so the time is just an estimate. As I'm strolling along will check out the hotel Amelia recommended (Kummer) and perhaps will stay there on my next visit to Vienna. It always depends on what the Canadian dollar is doing.