Subject: Re: el bulli was Barcelona in October
Hi Graciela, Ferran Adrķa is a most peculiar cook, and I“d say that your friends are dead right. He has reached that point where anything he does is considered magic, so he can do anything. I remember last year one of his discoveries being highly praised everywhere. It was a transparent sauce without flavour (so, think water). I think it is called something like mikri. And a deconstruction of the potato omelette, being transformed into a mousse of potato, onion and egg... Having said this, I must say that if someone is a serious foodie, and happens to be in Barcelona, and money is not a problem, maybe it will be better to drop by (after a previous reservation). Even if you don“t really like it, you can always say I ate there. And afterwards, I would get back to Barcelona, find a place with a wonderful iberic ham, and stuff myself (simply kidding).

A few descriptions of his strange constructions :

Rgds, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)