Subject: Re: Faro Portugal
Dear Robb,

Sorry to be so late in forwarding the info on the hotel in Tavira, but my husband files all our travel information away and I have to wait until he locates it. The name of the hotel in Tavira is Residencial Lagoas. The address is rua Almirante Candido dos Reis, 24, and the telephone number is (081)2 22 52. The hotel is located one block from the river on the East side; it is about one block south of the old bridge over the Rio Gilao. As I remember it the price was about $35 per night Canadian for a double room. There is an area on the roof where you can do washing and hang it; it is also a good place to sit as well if the weather is good. Sorry again for the delay in answering.

Ann Widdowson