Subject: Paris, France
Hi Fellow Ziners,

I thought some of you, who love Paris as I do, might not be aware of the free weekly newsletter Bonjour Paris This week's edition has a particularly interesting article about a hidden corner of Paris, by Thirza Valois, who authored a very popular 3-volume set called Around and About Paris, which I plan to buy. These are the kinds of things I love to discover about places I love to travel.

Also, for those of you who can get away for short periods of time, there are great 5- or 6-night air/hotel/breakfast packages, starting at $439 at I'm also interested in their Wine and Gastronomy packages, and there is a wealth of information, including lists of phrases in European languages through their link to

This is not an advertisement, since I have no interest in selling the above -- just always like to share what I think may be helpful to another addicted to travel.

Lou Lakeway,TX