Subject: Switzerland
Hi David and Janet,

You will probably get a dozen posts telling you that everyone in Switzerland speaks English. Of all the European countries I've traveled in, Switz. has the least communication problem. The whole country is a treasure in which you can hardly go wrong. Engelberg is a personal favorite of mine and gives easy access to Lucerne, but my all time fave is Zermatt -- like being on top of the world in the clearest, cleanest air possible. If you are lucky, you will see a wedding, with all the wedding party in horse-drawn carriages, since no cars are allowed there. I suppose they still drive the goat herds through the main street twice a day. There are homes at the end of the street across from the church that were built of squared logs more than 800 years ago, now housing shops...solid as a rock.

The country is so small you can get from place to place pretty handily and will love it all. You can walk along the lake front for miles. Just enjoy.

Lou Matthews Lakeway, TX