Subject: Switzerland trip/2002

I would agree with Mark May's suggestions as well as Gretchen's comments re: Lauderbrunnen Valley (Murren, Wengen, etc) -- These are all magnificent places. Also, there is a climbing region called Pontesina in the eastern part that has magnificent hiking (easy, but all with wonderful views) -- and a train that goes over the Bernina Pass into Italy. We got off at the top of the Pass and walked down a wonderful trail to Pascheavo. (I can't spell as you all can see). This is about a 2 hr walk down beautiful countryside, filled w/ wildflowers. The food at this tiny border town was fabulous and you can take the train back to Pontrisena. It's really memorable!!! Just remember, the Swiss are very precise and the trains are on time! You can buy a RT ticket at the train station before you go. Also, the tiny hotel we stayed in in Pontresina was called: La Collina. We ate there every night and the food at breakfast and dinner was terrific! The rooms were modest but very clean and comfortable. (We were in Switzerland about 9 yrs ago, but from what I just read in this Sunday's Boston Globe, it's still a wonderful place for hiking and doing... ) It's very close to St Moritz, but you need not get into that if you decide it's not for you.

Enjoy! Susie Newton, MA