Subject: France Vacations, Inc./Paris
Lou, you asked for comments on your short list of hotels - I can't help with those nor do I have personal knowledge of the hotel I mention here, but when I checked the France Vacation info, one of the hotels was a Hotel Daguerre. My friends and I just returned from our stay in a rented apartment near this hotel's location. It is in Montparnasse, near the cemetery. The other end of the street (probably about 3-4 short blocks) is a closed to traffic market street with just about anything you would want in the way of food shops, restaurants and even a Monoprix supermarket. There are subway stops at each end of the street (total blocks for the street about 4-5). On the far side of the cemetery is an open market - Weds and Sats goods and food; Sundays artists. It's is also within walking distance of the Montparnasse Tower with its fabulous view of the city. Adjacent to that is a AC'd (gasp) shopping mall with Gallerie Lafayette and others. It also is a major train station. Just thought I'd throw out my 2 cents to further muddy your decision!! Beth DC