Subject: Air Canada
Hi Peggy,

I just flew Air Canada from Hartford, CT to Vancouver, BC and return and was very impressed with the airline. It was the little things like giving you the headsets for the movie as opposed to charging you $5 to rent them that I really liked. The food was good for airline food - I tend to be lenient when it comes to airline food as you have to consider the conditions you are being served under. Air Tahiti Nui had the absolute worst airline food I have ever eaten and that is even being lenient. :-) Anyway, back to Air Canada - I found them to be efficient, prompt, etc. and as I said, I was impressed with them.

Yes, you can take on a tote bag and I found that compared to other airlines there was plenty of room for your carry ons. It seemed like everyone wasn't trying to carry on their complete luggage assortment so there was plenty of room for everyone's carry ons and nothing was getting crushed. There were also plenty of pillows and blankets available.

I was also very fortunate and got that great flight via Priceline for $300 plus taxes! It was quite a bargain.

Hope this helps. Jackie in VT