Subject: RE: Deep South
Hi Paolo,

Spring is definitely the time to visit us although most days in winter are very mild but Spring for the flowers. I'd fly in and out of New Orleans and drive everywhere else, otherwise you end up spending alot of time in big cities which are really no different from any other big city. Skip Atlanta, it has lost it's last vestiges of Old South long ago. I'd consider going west into Cajun country then back east along the Gulf coast to see that area before heading to Savannah, GA and up to Charleston, SC. I'd hope that wherever you end up going, you'd spen a little time visiting some of our War Between The States museums and/or battlefields in the hopes of gaining some understanding of the watershed event of this country. If time permits, Virginia provides the most inthis area, and the Shenandoah Valley is my favorite and one of the prettiest parts of the country. I must emphasize that these are merely my suggestions and many others probably can provide additional ideas.

Good traveling, Mike in Monroe, LA