Subject: Re: Deep South
Paolo -

Spring and autumn are by far the best times of year to travel in the South, and both seasons are long here. Of course there's quite a variation from northern Virginia to New Orleans ... where I live, about half-way beween the two, in GA, from late Feb. thru mid-May you can expect mild temperatures, cool nights, and lots and lots of things blooming! If you are interested in Charleston, I've heard it's spectacular when the azaleas are in bloom - I think that would be in late April, but I'm not sure.

In the autumn, from late Sept. to mid-Nov. (fall officially starts when the kudzu dies! :-)), you'll also have mild temps and beautiful fall foliage. That would be an especially nice time of the year to do the Blue Ridge Pkwy and Asheville.

Summer is hot, sticky, and mosqutito-filled (I so enjoyed the lack of mosquitoes in Italy this summer!), so avoid travelling at that time if you can.

Mark's itinerary is a great suggestion. Virginia could be another whole 10-day trip in itself.

The easiest airport to access for direct flights from Europe will be Atlanta, GA (ATL), or if you're visiting Virginia primarily, Dulles Intl (IAD). However, so many flights from Europe arrive initially at JFK in New York, and from there you can get to just about any other airport that's convenient to your itinerary. As for travel within the country, driving's the best bet.

Hope this helps. I have some B&B and other southern travel links that might be helpful once you have your destination nailed down. Maybe we could have a southern GTG.

Cindy in Toccoa, GA