Subject: Switzerland
A few questions. We are going to get a Swiss Rail pass and had thought of a 15 day second class pass. However we would like to travel in the mountains and also on the special trains. Just wondered if it would be better to gget the First class card so you don't have to pay as much supplement. Is that a better option or am I barking up the wrong tree? We also want to cross the border at the Bodensee to Germany. Their are three of us 1 Child 2 adults. What is the best way to get around. And what would it be like if we got a weekend pass the good weekend ticket . I think its about 40.00 marks. Might be a cheaper option than a german rail pass for a few days. Thinking of visiting Ulm or Freiburg. also Fssen and the castle at Neuswanstein. We are travelling in October Thanks Fiona PS useful thread on Packing I have saved it all. Someone said to me yesterday take 3 times as much money and half amount of clothes!!