Subject: South American Cruise
Rosemary, We took this cruise two years ago. I have to honestly say that they had to pry us off of the ship. The service, expeditions, and the crew were beyond our wildest dreams. The ship only holds 150 persons maximum. It was an incredible experience that we will do again. We went in December and the weather was cold, but not unbearable, not even when climbing the glaciers. It was not all that expensive either. I recommend an outside cabin. They are cheaper and you have a larger window to view the scenery from the comfort of your room as you are cruising along. There was never a dull moment unless we chose one and we did not want to miss a thing.

Terra Australis is an expedition cruise that sails through the legendary Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel around the island of Tierra del Fuego ...

Ryan James CA