Subject: Re: Flying to Italy

You are correct: there's no non-stop service between the DC area &Rome. United does fly nonstop daily from Dulles to Milan. United codeshares with Lufthansa &a possible routing would be from Dulles to Munich or Frankfurt &on to Rome on the outbound, then Milan to Dulles nonstop on the return. Personal preference only, but I'd prefer changing in Frankfurt / Munich to Heathrow any day. English widely spoken, signage no problem in German airports.

I had reports this week from a good traveler of heightened security at Frankfurt in the aftermath of the Group 8 activity earlier in the summer. Traveler had been in May (no problem) but in late July, 3 checkpoints &enforced waiting in the transit lounge with boarding passes held at the door.

All of May 2002 is likely to be shoulder, or mid season. Most consolidators/wholesalers won't have contracts in place for 2002 discounts until late in 2001. Tariff (around $1000 right now) is not likely to be best buy, unless an airline posts an incredible sale sometime during the fall or unless you plan to upgrade with miles. Midweek is likely to be less than weekend.

Hope that helps, Gail In Eugene