Subject: Plug adaptor for Australia
G'Day Covadonga, Your friend has an ambitious itinerary: Sydney to Ayers Rock and the Northern Territories. Even with a month of vacation, that will be a bit of a feat! Australia is as big as the United States; sometimes we are amazed how vast and expansive this lovely country is. We have not been to Ayers Rock or the Northern Territories yet, so can't be of any help. Sydney is a very crowded, huge city. We spend very little time there, just enough to shuffle off to our other side trips. The Harbor is beautiful; the bridge is gorgeous; the Opera House an acoustic miracle. Otherwise, we can't help much there either. We purchased the World Package for adaptors from They all work perfectly. For Australia you only need one adaptor (unlike Germany or Italy, which require 2 or 3 telephone connections). There is a simple adaptor for the phone and one adaptor for the electricity. Cheers, Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove.