Subject: Z I N E W S - new member of the Mod Squad
Hi Ziners,

We have wonderful news to share with you. Now that our membership has grown beyond the thousand member mark, we're celebrating the milestone with the acquisition of a new addition to our Moderating Team, who happens to be Mark (McIntyre, that is.)

Mark is a freelance digital illustrator living in Richmond VA., single, 44, and owner of Mac Of All Arts, Inc. He is an artist, calligrapher, traveler, gardener and a former Jesuit with a masters in Classical Languages. His latest published work? 50+ illustrations for Tonight They All Dance, a book of Haiku poetry. His favorite city: Paris. Favorite food: sushi and chocolate (eaten separately). Family motto: Ad astra per ardua. Favorite poet: Rumi.

Needless to say, we're lucky he discovered us and when he did, that he liked what he saw. Mark hopes to help us in our quest to make TheTravelzine the best there is in non-commercial travel talk.

There's a photo of Mark, with his pals Chase and Charlie, on our Zine Moderators page:

At our request Mark was kind enough to reword and reorganize our welcome and good-bye messages. Please take a moment to print a copy of the newly revised welcome message, which includes not only Mark's contact information* but instructions which, if followed, will make Mark and all of the Moderators' jobs as boring as the Maytag repairman's. (*Hello New Ziner.txt is on this page Yahoo I.D. required for access.)

We know you join us in welcoming Mark to our community and hope you will write to him *off-the-list to wish him good luck.

Cheers! Don and Linda