Subject: Re: Flying to Italy
This is a reply to a couple of points/questions in Ira's message: he says that American Airlines doesn't fly to Rome; in fact they do have a flight from Chicago to Rome but will end it on Nov. 1. The reason would appear to be that not enough people fly to Rome on business, and the airlines make their money from people paying the high business fares. United also stopped flying to Rome but still goes to Milan for the same reason.

He also asks about people who have flown from the U.S. to Florence. (In the sentence quoted below I don't think you mean Siena, Ira; it's smaller than Florence and doesn't have an airport.) I did last year; four of us converged there from different starting places. I had some misadventures on my Delta award trip with three changes when a U.S. domestic segment was cancelled, but I still got to Florence on the scheduled day. The whole thing is reported in my write-up at , under Practical matters halfway down the page.

Andrew Missouri