Subject: RE: Flying to Italy
Hello ladies and gents! Mark here, the original poster of this message. Thank you SO much to Gail Norris, Anne Woodyard, Ira Bernstein, Andrew McGarrell, Jude Ronayne, and anyone whom I overlooked, for your kind and informed responses to my questions. The issue of Malpensa Airport is the one thing I can address with some hint of knowledge. When we arrived in Malpensa last May, it was our first trip to Italy AND our first trip outside of North or Central America. Talk about wide-eyed! It proved to be very easy navigating, even for novices. We took the bus from the airport to the central train station. I was expecting the U.S. equivalent of an intercity bus (i.e. YUCK!). I was very pleasantly surprised (shocked?) to find that it was a spotlessly clean, modern, and a very comfortable touring bus. The fare was very reasonable, about $7USD+/- (I think--I'm not at home and don't have my records at hand). Took us directly to the train station in comfort with no muss and no fuss. (There were also bus connections at Malpensa to many other areas, including the lake districts, etc.) Unfortunately, it's quite a haul to Rome from Milan, but not a too bad of a train ride to Florence. Compared to most of the other 'Ziners, I'm a rank novice at Euro travel. However, we went all over Tuscany (including l'Isola d'Elba), so I'll be happy to answer any questions. Again, many thanks for your assistance! Mark Mitchell Boyds, Maryland USA