Subject: Re: Lesbos
Re:My husband and I are going to be on Lesbos Oct.6-12 2001 staying in Pygri Thermi at the Votsala Hotel

Hi Jane, I checked the web site for the Votsala and it looks very nice. Sounds like a good area. We spent some time in Mytilini but most of our time was in Molyvos, so our dining experience would be in those locales. We have only been to Lesbos in May, but we spent all of Sept/Oct last year in Paros and it was still quite warm through October. Days were in the mid-70's with the evenings getting cooler. Having said that, two cautions for you: Lesbos is further north, so may be cooler, and last year during the third week of October the winds came up and the waves were high and two evenings were VERY cold in comparison to any other days we'd spent in Greece--we wore t shirts, long sleeve sweatshirts and our heavy jackets (that we'd only brought for the return trip to Halifax in November). But then it became sunny and calm and warm again before we left Paros and was sweltering in Athens when we got there. We were still swimming in the ocean in Paros on the 21 of October (and we are not the hardy type).

Re dining: in Molyvos we liked the Molyvos Stars. They had good spaghetti bolognese and moussaka and a great breakfast. We also had a very nice evening at a place in Molyvos called Naossa (sp). The lamb chops were excellent and they played some interesting (recorded) Greek music. When my husband asked about the music and Greek musicians, they brought us downstairs and gave us camomile tea (camomile picked by the mother on her way to the hot springs) and Metaxa, and lots of info on music. We were there for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Another place that we enjoyed was called Tropicana. You can eat outside sitting under a huge plane tree.

Lesbos is a beautiful island and there is no shortage of good food. Have fun, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada