Subject: Re:Plug adaptor for Australia
G'Day Covadonga,

A couple of points about the trip to Australia. Be aware that we use 240 volts so if your appliances normally run on 110 volts you will need appliances that have a switch on them or a transformer to change the voltage. As a previous person said, plugs and voltage are standard across Australia.

The only practical way to get to Sydney, Ayers Rock and Darwin would be to fly. Even then, it is a fair bit of travelling. But the contrast between Sydney on the coast and Ayers Rock in central Australia is probably worth cost. (There is also a train that runs to Alice Springs which is the nearest town to Ayers Rock. It is called the Ghan and runs from Adelaide.)

There is a fair bit to do in Sydney - go to the beaches, catch a ferry on the harbour, visit the opera house and even walk on the top of the arch of the harbour bridge (you need to book ahead for that).

Your friend might like to consider coming to Canberra which is the national capital of Australia. It is about 3 hours drive from Sydney or about 4 to 5 hours by bus or train. The drive is through fairly typical Australian scenery. Once in Canberra there are heaps of things to do in the way of national monuments and museums etc. (A very loose comparison to the US would be that Sydney is like New York and Canberra is like Washington). You can get one day bus tours, but I would suggest that they stay at least one night.

Another place she may consider is the barrier reef in Queensland. This is a spectacular natural wonder that may be disappearing due to increasing ocean temperatures. You would probably need to fly there from Sydney (there are trains etc but it is a long way).

I hope this has been useful. I am sure that whatever your friend does she will have a great time.

Peter from Canberra Australia