Subject: London in January
Hello Doug, I went to London in January 2000 for a week. I had my ski coat and I was just fine. I spent the Millennium in Copenhagen. Then I spent another 2 weeks in traveling to Amsterdam and Norway. The weather was cool and brisk all over. However, even in Scandinavia, it was just fine. In fact, it was fabulous. This last January, I went to Scotland, Germany, Austria and Amsterdam. The weather was the same and at different times, it snowed. I love the snow. But, the point is, I am the biggest fan of going to Europe in the Winter. It has a beauty beyond anything you can imagine. It's like being part of a fairy tale. There was a street in Edinburgh, a hilly street, which was just a street of ice. What a challenge to get down! However, that was the exception rather than the rule. There are no crowds; you have the Holiday feeling; prices are lower; the after Christmas shopping is incredible; there are no lines for any of the attractions; and it's breathtaking. However, the cities are full of people and life...and there are still plenty of tourists from all over the world. Now, I live in LA, so maybe the real winter weather is outta this world only because I don't have to deal with the hard winters of the East Coast anymore. Whatever the reason, I am now planning another trip this winter. I don't even think of going in the Summer at all. I would not blink twice about going in the winter. Many Europeans told me the Winters have gotten milder in the last few years...just as LA has gotten much cooler year round. Go. Don't hesitate. Lisa