Subject: Anyone from Chicago?
We are going to visit my folks next March, who live in North Manchester Indiana, SW of Chicago about 150 miles. We plan to fly into Chicago (via Frankfurt and Boston, so a long flight) and spend one night in Chicago, pick up a rental car, go to North Manchester, go back to Chicago and get the Amtrak train at Union Station.

Our obvious choices are to either pick up a car at Midway and thus try to get a hotel near Midway Airport, thus driving in the morning from Midway airport (we'd get the car in the morning after spending the night at the hotel) and then hopefully return it to central Chicago closer to Union Station. (Or return it to Midway and take the CTA train to Union Station?)

Or get a hotel closer to Union Station and the Avis near there, and travel from Midway to the hotel, probably again by CTA, spend the night there, pick up the car and drive off.

I think I'm too tired to write this sensibly.

My real question is -- we have to drive to the I-90 and then US 30. My brother keeps telling me how awful it is to drive from O'Hare -- is there going to be any significant difference between driving from the Midway Airport area to the I-90-US30 and driving from the Union Station area?


Doug Weller Birmingham, England