Subject: Re[2]: Raphael Hotel, Chicago
Dear Doug, Let me suggest the following itinerary: Arrive Midway (hopefully! at 7pm). Rent car at Midway. Drive to nearby hotel (it's not the classiest area; you'll be fine at the nearest Holiday Inn). Drive to relatives in Indiana. Drive back to Chicago and drop car at Union Station. Take train.

The traffic from Midway to Chicago can be horrendous, and there is no point in driving north into Chicago at the peak of traffic just to sleep and push off back south on next morning. Backtracking through Chicago's rush hours is no joy. The traffic out of Chicago to Indiana will also slow you down....Midway is already south of the city and on the way to Indiana.

Hertz Rental serves both locations..though Union Station location is closed weekends.

Best bet: If you want to see Chicago, plan on doing it after you return from Indiana and before you hit Union Station.


Mark McIntyre