Subject: Re: Viewing Nazi Sites
Hi! We have visited a number of Nazi related places. This past summer we were in Normandy and, among other sites, visited a couple German cemeteries. That was pretty sobering.

We also visited Oredour, a French village wiped out on 10 Jun 1944. 642 people were killed and all the buildings were burned. Six people escaped and they led a campaign to keep the city as is/was, as a sobering reminder. What remains of the town is still there and it is located near Imoges, France. They also had a very interesting museum that tracked the history of the Germans in France and their path to Oredour. Now, this was really a tough place to visit and I had tears in my eyes at times thinking about the massacre in particular, and the war (wars) in general.

We had visited Dachau in a previous trip, and again, it was really a sad place to visit.

I certainly would recommend visiting such places. Like the signs indicate, we have to remember.