Subject: Viewing Nazi sites
Dear Amelia,

> I have not been to the sites in Germany or Poland but have visited the> Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and Yad Vashem in Israel. Yad Vashem was many years ago and yet remains quite fresh in my memory. I was on a tour of Israel at the time - I remember the guide telling us that we had x amount of time and that probably we would not want to speak to each other during our time there - he was so right - it is very very very moving - you see things that you have heard about but now they are in your face. A few years ago my husband and I went to the Holocaust Museum in the US - Washington, D.C., also very moving, right from the inscription on the outside. We did not speak much during the 3 hours we were in there and at one point one of the exhibits, just made me lose it - I just broke down and cried. Everyone has a different reaction - but I do remember the hushed tones, no one shoving or rushing anyone to finish in any area - I was physically and emotionally drained when I was through. Nonetheless, would not have missed it.

I know people who have been to Germany, my sister and the son of a very good friend - both came back touched to the core. The young man especially as his grandparents were survivors.

It is an interesting experience. Saying have a good time does not seem fitting but I hope you have a memorable trip.

Carol Thornhill, Ontario carol_jacobson