Subject: Re: Whistler, British Columbia
Hi John

You'll find everything is very convenient at Whistler - we used to take a rental car, now we take a limo from the airport, and walk everywhere, since the car hardly ever left the garage. More info at Star limo is the one we use.

Once there, there's a free bus that circulates around the village, taking skiers to the mountain and back, which could also be used for shopping. But most people walk, there are lots of interesting shops, restaurants, 2 good-sized grocery stores, 2 licquor stores, many pubs with outdoor heating for sitting on patios in winter, etc. The only reason you might want a rental car is for heavy stuff - beer, wine, large grocery orders, and you can either get a taxi, or you can get one of the local shopping services to do your shopping and deliver it to you - in fact, you can do this in advance, through

Condos or houses are the norm. And occasionally two are required.

Condos tend to be closer to the mountain lifts than houses do, and the closest condos are Snowy Creek - it doesn't necessarily look that way on the maps of the village you will find, but it is a 5 minute walk to the Blackcomb Gondola and a 6 minute walk to the Whistler Gondola from the Snowy Creek condos- I don't know how big they are, having not stayed there, since we always travel with our dog, and Snowy Creek is not one of the places that allows dogs. There are also some great ski-in, ski-out condos farther up the mountain from Snowy Creek, but our experience is that if you stay there you will need your car, since if you ski down to the pub at the end of the day, by the time the lifts close, it's a long walk back up the hill with your skis - however, you could use one of the ski and boot storage places at the base of the mountain, which would make this trek a lot easier. Or, wait for a bus.

Hope this helps. Best regards Sandra Wood