Subject: Re: Need advice for Italy
Hi Johannes, The last time I was in Pompeii, I was escorting several high school students through Europe. Instead of taking the scheduled tourbus and ship to Capri, I gathered my little group and headed down to the harbor. I kept asking if anyone rented boats. Finally connected with a guy who agreed to take us out to the grottoes in his little skiff. His brother owned a nearby restaurant and they put together a picnic for all of us. It was the most glorious day on the whole trip. When we returned to the hotel later that night, the other group members had spent most of the day waiting on the bus and the ship, rushed through Capri, and had a thoroughly miserable time. So don't forget to play it by ear when you are there. The Amalfi coast is stunning, and who knows what adventures lie in store? Very best, Mark