Subject: Re: Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada
We were on Grand Manan about 5 yrs ago in February and boy was it cold. However, it was delightful. We stayed at the only B&B that was open (and we had to convince them to let us stay) -- It was fun. Nothing special, but clean and it had hot water and heat! The people were very nice and helped us find a place to have dinner, a place to get a few maps and they even walked us to a store where we could buy a few groceries for picnics (although it turned out to be too cold for that). We did, however, really enjoy walking the perimeter of the island and hiking inland where we could (without too much ice). The people were all very kind - I'm sure they thought we were kooks to be there at that time of year and to be hiking... I think about 2 nights would be enough and don't forget to walk to the lighthouse - very romantic place.

If you like quiet and beautiful, unspoiled coastline, you'll like it here. (BTW - it's not too far from the Bay of Fundy Nat. Park and that's great to walk around, too!) Good luck. Susie Newton, MA