Subject: Amalfi Area, Italy
Stay on an Island is not handly for sure but why don't planning to change only 2 hotels: the first one on an Island (Capri or Ischia) and the second one onland. In this way you can easy catch ferri from an Island to an other without wast time and visit Island enjoying a couple of romantic evening/night on Islands and then visit Naples surrounding taking your base in the Amalfi Coast.

Be aware that you are not allowed to bring your car with you in Capri (sorry, I don't know about Ischia)!

>first thought about Positano, Ravello or Amalfi.

Ravello is a lovely but tiny town upon an hill so that evenings could be boring, if you are looking for nightlive, it should be better Amalfi or Positano. Anyway, if you have a car, it will not a problem.

At the end, in your mail you mentioned Pompei. Why not Ercolano ? Ercolano have had the same disaster than Pompei, it is less touristy place and it is better preserved than Pompei even though Ercolano is smaller than Pompei. Personally I think Ercolano is nicer than Pompei. If you are going to spend 14 days in the area, don't miss Ercolano.

Other interesting place are fumarole near Pozzuoli (named Solfatara), the archeologic dig of Cuma (north of Naples) with the famous Sibilla of Cuma, the royal palace in Caserta.

Enjoy Amalfi Coast as I did.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy