Subject: Jet lag
Dear Rosemary and Others, I have used Melatonin on the airplane 30 minutes before I want to sleep and then the next night at my destination. I also do an anti-jet-lag diet put out by Argonne National Laboratory. It apparently prepares the body for the new time zone. It seems like I am ready to move on at my destination. When I don't use it on the return flight, it takes me days to recoup. You have to start three days ahead of your flight. I think it helps. The only problem I had the last time was when I ordered the fruit plate from the airline for one meal, I got it on every meal. You can imagine what happened! It is a FEAST-FAST-FEAST-FAST diet. They sent me a small card that I carry with me when I travel overseas. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give out address or phone number which I have, so someone let me know if I do that privately or to the Zine. Fellow Traveler, Carol