Subject: Database & Venice
Hello Heather and welcome to the list This is a great place for exchanging informations but, as a newcomer, you could be disappointed because you received few or no answer at all to your question. This always happens when someone is asking general questions, like suggestions about Rome. The problem is Ziners post all the time their suggestions about top tourist destinations like Rome, Florence or Venice, going from hotel & restaurant information to practical tips, and it's hard for them to send the same information over and over; unless you have a detailed question, i.e. informations about a museum, you better search the archives, available at The Travelzine page on the left column, using a keyword like Rome and patiently browsing through the many messages you get. This will take a bit of your time but will give you valuable informations collected in a long time from a great number of people who shared their knowledge.

Anyway, since it's your first trip and you mentioned Venice as one of your stops, here are a few tips for newbies.

As a first timer, you'll probably love Venice with any weather but be advised November is wet and foggy, with the threat of high tide submerging part of the streets. If that happens, you're usually warned well in advance. If you can, avoid the weekends as the narrow streets are often crowded, taking away all the pleasure of strolling around. Remember Venice is expensive, because of the tourist business and also because everything must be hauled by boat; sitting in St. Mark's Square for a coffee is going to cost you about the same amount as a moderate lunch elsewhere!

The public boat service is not cheap but it feels so good when you can finally rest your legs after so much walking, while the taxi boats are outrageously expensive.

If you wish to take a gondola tour, agree the price in advance with the boatman; for a cheap gondola experience, try one of the several traghetto (ferry service) across the Grand Canal. A bumpy ride across it will cost a few thousand lire.

Wishing you a pleasant trip Paolo Maietta Trieste, Italy