Subject: Naples
We have been to Naples twice and may make it a third time next Spring, primarily, but not exclusively as a base for the area. We have three specific recommendations for Naples itself:

1. The Hotel Paradiso. It is in the Merggalina district with a magnificent view of the bay. You take a funiculare to go to the area in which you can either catch a bus to downtown or the boats to Sorrento, Ischia, and Capri (pronounced, I understand as CAP-ri, as in Capricorn, and not Cap-RI as in the old song).

2. Brandi's Ristaurante. It is home of the Marguerita pizza and very reasonably priced. Ask for Mario Scorso, our wonderful waiter from the past, and send our best to him. The restaurant is right off Chiaia near the Piazza Trente e Trieste (or the other way around) where you find the Galleria and the Opera House.

3. Gambinus coffee house. It is also very famous and reasonably priced. It is right at the Piazza Trente e Trieste .

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D. UT-Arlington