Subject: Day trips from Paris
Dear Barb in Michigan, I was in Normandy in Sept a couple years ago &loved the area. We stayed in Bayeaux which is smaller &more picturesque than Caen. But be sure to see the really worthwhile Peace Museum in Caen. The battlefields &cemetery are very interesting &moving. Rick Steves suggested a look at the German cemetery. It is eery &worth a look. Pont Du Hac should definitely be on your list &the Bayeaux tapestries of William the Conquerer. How clever of the Conquerer to force the conquered to craft his propaganda! Mont St. Michel was a nice day's outing from Bayeaux. Touristy but fun to visit. Try the Calvados....while you're settled for the night. Packs a wallop. 8-) My deceased husband who was in WW II said Calvados was an all-purpose liquor..good for drinking, filling your cigarette lighter, & your jeep fuel tank! Have a great trip. I know you'll enjoy the area. Carol Bailey high desert Central Oregon