Subject: May trips from Paris
To Barb in Michigan: I am sure you know that Claude Monet's home in Giverny is one of the great sites that has been very well maintained by many private contributions. I took a 90 minute train to Vernon and we were met by a bus that took us directly to his home. The gardens are really not only spectacular, but they are the exact site for his great paintings that he did when he was only eighty years old. While you will not escape the crowds unless you go early, you will never forget the garden and the famous pond that he painted his series of Water Lilies that have been exhibited since 1910 at the l'Orangie Museum which is just south of the Louvre museum. You can do this in one day, by car or train from Paris. If you have a car, then staying for dinner and even overnight in this beautiful landscape is something you would not forget. In any case, bon voyage. Best regards, Larry