Subject: Day trips from Paris
Hi Barb, When I toured France with a friend in Nov. '99, the first place we went after leaving Paris was via N6, by way of Melun, to Vaux le Vicomte, a very impressive chateau commissioned by Nicholas Fouquet, gardens by LeNotre, which had just been restored and refurnished to its original 17th century appearance. It had a cafe-type restaurant near the carriage house where we had a very acceptable lunch. But it's an amazing place and beautifully restored. I personally enjoyed it more than Fontainebleau. It was so lavish it led to Fouquet's downfall -- an interesting place.

It isn't far from there to Fontainebleau. BTW we found a great hotel, the Londres, just across the street and a parking lot from Fontainebleau, which is on the main road through the town...the hotel fronting the side street. Very large, beautifully decorated room with, with a large, lovely bath, at a very reasonable rate. Our breakfast was delicious (some of the best croissants of the trip) and quite ample. No charge for parking. Do enjoy France. Bon Jour, Lou Matthews