Subject: Day trips from Paris
Hi Barbara The three day trips that stand out for me would be Founteableau, Chartres and Bayeaux

1. Chateaux Fountenbleau is Versaelles without the people. You can get a ticket at St. Larzare station which gives you entrance, bus and RER connnection for about a 130 frcs. It is absolutely a beautiful gardens and buildings.You also get a fee audio guide through in for the gardens.

2. Chartres is a lovely Cathdral outside of Paris which has both a Romanques and Baroque tower. You generally can also have an amazing tour with a chap called Malcohm Miller who can bring the stain glass and statues alive with his extensive knowledge of both.

3. If you really have an interest in Normandy and the D-Day beaches you can catch a early train to Bayeaux and then book a guided tour for about 4 hours that takes you along the coast. It is can be done but it is a really long day. The tour generally costs about 200 frcs.

If you would like any more details let me know I would be happy to answer your specific questions.

Have a great time regardless.

Tom London, Canada