Subject: Bar Harbor, Maine
Dear Ziners,

We just returned from a short week in Bar Harbor. It was a good place to be to try and get your mind around the week's happenings.

It was a 'budget' trip. We stayed at the Highbrook Motel on Rte 3 about a mile from Bar Harbor and a few yards from the Cat Terminal. It is a '50's era motel which has been well maintained and is imaculate. It was $85 per night which was low by comparison to some of the other accomodations. We were there for scenery and lobster.

Our meal the first evening was at ABEL'S LOBSTER POUND. We ate outside on a picnic table in the woods at the edge of Somes Sound. The lobster was good but over-priced at $24.95 for a 1 1/4 pound lobster.

On Wednesday, we had breakfast at JORDAN'S in Bar Harbor, not at Jordan's Pond. It's a diner that specializes in breakfast. We both ordered blueberry pancakes which our waitress immediately shouted in and they were served less than two minutes later. The food was good and we enjoyed the whole bustling atmosphere of the place.

Lunch was at JORDAN'S POND. We had seafood chowder and popovers with strawberry jam. The chowder was loaded with large pieces of fish and the popovers were hot.

Our second attempt at lobster was on the dock in Bar Harbor. It was another 1 1/4 pound lobster with corn and potatoes and at $13.95 a much better value than the previous evening.

We spent much of the morning on Wednesday sitting on top of Cadillac mountain surveying the view and trying to get a grip on the previous day's events. We drove The Loop as well stopping frequently.

On Thursday, we took the historical cruise offered by the Sea Princess and the National Park Service.

We ate Thursday's breakfast at The Colonel's, a bakery in Northeast Harbor. We both had takeout sandwiches and enjoyed them watching the activity in the Harbor. We returned for pastries.

Lunch was back in Bar Harbor at a Deli across from the Maine Street Cafe (six choices of break, a dozen of meat, six of cheese, plus veggies etc.) Our original plan was to have soup and blueberry crisp at the Maine Street Cafe but they aren't open for lunch after labor day.

We returned to the Maine Street Cafe for a third night of lobster topped by blueberry crisp based on a recommendation from a local we met at the town pier the previous night. The atmosphere was nil but the lobster was probably the best of the trip and only $10.95.

Our final breakfast was at the Cottage Street Bakery and Deli. More popovers, not as good as the one's at Jordan's Pond, with blueberry jam.

We only saw a small portion of what we had planned so we'll definitely be returning.

If you use our information in planning your trip, keep in mind that we are easy to please in our dining tastes.

Barbara in CT