Subject: Going-to-the-Sun Highway - Glacier N.P.
Amelia asked about Glacier and this highway. DO go over it; it is magnificent! We were over it four times (both ways) in a six-day stay at Glacier, finding new joys each time--many places to stop, hike, photograph, explore. One time (last day of August that year) we were the last car allowed up to top of it due to sudden snow storm that blanketed the area; we had a 4WD car, so they let us go. Once we got up there, we were stuck, along with everyone else, for about two hours till they opened the road again, so we went walking in the snow--gorgeous! I don't think the road is fearsome at all and can think of no really bothersome or scary places on it, but I cannot judge how someone with a fear of heights might react. But exploring the road certainly is the highlight of any trip to Glacier NP -- enjoy! Pat in Baltimore