Subject: Buenos AIres, and Argentina great train rides
Hi, for those going to Argentina, while I was there last month I read in a local newspaper (Clarin) about the 7 unique trains in Argentina that offer fascinating rides, they are:

1) tren de la Selva (Train of the Jungle) in the Cataratas de Iguazu area. This is a new train ride it ends in Puerto Canoas, where passengers can take a boat to the Garganta del Diablo. inf. 03757 49 1466 ( cost $9 dolars)

2)Central Entrerriano . A historic ride. ($12).Inf 03447 480146

3)Tren de las Sierras, en el Valle de Punilla. Leaves from Cordoba into the sierras. Round trip in first class: $22. Inf. 0351 482 2252/56

4) Historico a vapor. Con estilo ingles. An 1912 steam engine pulls this train, Leaves from Bariloche in the South.Round trip in first $30 02944 423 858

5)la Trochita. paise alpino. In the mountains. 02945 495190

6) Austral fueguino. In the end of the world. Joins the station End of the world in Ushauia with the National Park Tierra del Fuego. 4311.0233

and the most wellknown of all:

7)Tren de las nubes. (Train of the Clouds) Leaves frrom Salta at 7.05 to the viaducto La Polvorilla. Round trip takes 15 hours. Round trip $105- Inf. 5371-1111 or 0541 1 4326 2456

Graziella , Miami Beach.