Subject: Cruising Labrador aboard the M.V.Northern Ranger
Hi Ziners, Bill and I returned from a fantastic trip to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador the first week in September. At last, I am getting my thoughts together and wanted to let all of you know that the cruise aboard the freighter/passenger ferry MV Northern Ranger from St. Anthony, Newfoundland, to Nain in Labrador and back (12 days---maximum 20 passengers for round-trip--other cabins reserved for short-hop passengers) was absolutely fantastic.....the incredible beauty of huge icebergs up close, Northern lights, whales, lovely seacoast; wonderful conversations with an interesting group of passengers; the chance to explore the many coastal villages that have no road access and to meet and buy from some of the leading Inuit stone carvers; much wonderful seafood to eat; and a sobering, thought-provoking insight into some of the problems of the indigeneous peoples (esp. the Innu of Davis Inlet...most of you Canadian Ziners will be quite familiar with these problems)....all in all, the perfect trip for people like us who have little interest in the conventional cruise with casinos and floor shows. More specifics later and b&b recommendations, but just wanted to say that we highly recommend the trip and to let you know that the ten round-trips this ship makes from July through mid-Oct. are fully booked very early in the spring, so early booking is essential. Most of the 17 passengers (3 were singles. . .7 from Canada, one from New Zealand, the the rest from the U.S.) had made their bookings by mid-Feb. We did not try to book till March, 2001, and were told they were full, but got a cancellation two weeks later. Next year MAY be the last year the ship runs from St. Anthony, since some roads connecting the southern coastal villages are being built. Let me know if you want specific details about anything right away.

Good wishes, Pat in Baltimore