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Tom - Museum info

Besides the usual, I have been reminded of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago (near the Museum of Science and Industry) and the Museum of Broadcast Communications. The Oriental Institute has a very interesting Egyptian Collection. You would need to take a cab to get there, however. The Museum of Broadcast Communications is in the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Avenue between Washington and Randolph and primarily focuses on the history of radio, although it has some representaiton of film and television. There is a fellow who has been doing old-time radio broadcasts for years who broadcasts from there every Saturday afternoon, and the broadcasts are open to the public.

The museum campus includes the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium, all walking distance from each other. Also not too far from the Art Institute if you are a walker and it is not pouring rain :-)

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Science and Industry Art Institute Field Museum Adler Planetarium Shedd Aquarium Museum Campus Oriental Museum Broadcast Communications

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