Subject: Re: Oaxaca?
Hi Lyn.

Two weeks in Oaxaca is certainly doable. Of course, this is coming from a staunch Mexicophile. This would allow your friend a leisurely pace in seeing the city and the surrounding countryside.

The premier draw to the area is the tremendously powerful allure of the indigenous cultures. This includes the Zapotec and Mixtec peoples but not limited to them, as there are at least 11 different tribes represented in the valley and the surrounding highlands.

It is the heritage of these peoples (along with the Spanish colonialism) which pervades all aspects of the society. The folkart, architecture, food (ohhh yeah, the food!), history, etc. intertwine like nowhere else in Mexico.

Your friend could easily be entertained with the city itself for a few days. Trips to the two different markets, the various folkart co-operatives, the churches and cathedral, museums, and just sitting on the zócalo will fill her days. And then there are the day trips to Monte Alban and Mitla to see the ruins, Santa Maria de Tule to see the famous tule tree which is larger than the towns church (must be seen to be believed), Hierve de Agua to see the petrified falls, and all the various towns with their unique handicrafts.

Additionally, she may consider a sojourn out to the coast visiting such beautiful coastal locales such as Huatulco or Puerto Escondido. Just a short 45 minute airplane ride away (or 8 hours of twisting mountain roads on the bus).

A good site to review is:

If she needs specifics just ask.

Sorry you couldn't look me up when you were here. maybe next time.

John Rule San Diego, CA