Subject: Re: Road route---Baltimore to S. Vermont?
Hi Bill and Pat,

I agree with Larry about the Berkshire area. Also, you can hardly go wrong eating at any of the old inns. And if you just ask any of the local people for a restaurant recommendation, it works well. We lived in Connecticut two different times, and this time of year we took off every weekend on a different road and explored, bought apples and such at the roadside stands. One of our favorite places was the New England Inn at Innervale, just outside of North Conway, N.H. Old and nothing fancy, but the food was to die for. Always lobster and a variety of seafood, as well as the usual dishes, and fresh berries and vegetables, in season, raised on the place. Pretty down-home atmosphere -- a wonderful change of pace. It's been a while, but I don't think it would be legal for it to change.

I'm headed that general direction myself and can't wait, but I'll be mostly in Conn. or on the Cape, except for a drive along the general route of the Mohawk Trail.

You will enjoy it all. Happy traveling,

Lou (TX)